Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big birds of Viera's man-made wetlands

In the past several weeks, while running errands, I've stopped by Viera's Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands a few times on a whim. It's conveniently located near many of the stores in Viera that I frequent, so taking a slight detour through the wetlands to see what's flying around on a particular day is not much to ask. After all, I always have my camera with me, and one never knows what critter will make itself visible, even during the briefest of visits to such a wildlife refuge. On one of those days, a sandhill crane landed on the bumpy dirt road in front of me.

The crane made its way to the edge of the water, where it browsed for food.

Another common, large bird at the wetlands is the great blue heron. This one was having an Alfalfa-style hair day.

This heron was stalking fish when I visited late in the afternoon, during the golden hour.

I thought the heron had spotted a particularly large fish. Or, at least, something moved it to fly a short distance, feet skimming on the water's surface, then plop back down into the swampy grass. It caught no fish, though. I guess it was just skittish behavior on account of the photographer pointing a large camera lens in its general direction.

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