Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow search in Appalachia | A few final shots, from West Virginia's capital

The West Virginia Capitol in Charleston, amid a light snowfall.

When I rolled out of my cheap, cold motel room bed in Charleston, West Virginia's mountain-lined capital city, another light snowfall was coating surfaces outside. But I was disappointed that it wasn't coming down harder. The forecast had called for three inches of snow, and I was hoping that it would thoroughly blanket surfaces by the time I woke up.

On the bright side, traveling was easy. I parked in downtown Charleston and walked around the Capitol complex for a few photos. As in many two-newspaper towns today, Charleston's daily publications - The Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail - are housed in a single building under a joint operating agreement. They're located in the downtown, just a walking distance to other businesses and restaurants. Such a setup made me miss the urban setting I was accustomed to working in, even at the paper in Maine. In Florida, nothing is within walking distance.

After fueling up on coffee and a sandwich from a popular place in downtown Charleston, Blossom Deli, I embarked on the 12-hour trip home to Florida. The trip, surprisingly, was easy on the gas tank. I can only surmise that the reason I made it from Charleston to Georgia on one tank of gas was because I was going downhill most of the way. Interstate 77 in North Carolina is where the serious descent from the Appalachians takes place. The snow disappeared before the South Carolina border, and the sailing was smooth from there to Melbourne.

None of the landscapes were that interesting, so I focused my macro lens on a snowflake on the rock wall lining the sidewalk.

A flake on a leaf.

The South Side Bridge, with a train station on the other side of the Kanawha River.

Another view of the bridge.

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