Monday, May 12, 2008

Wind blows, but fire blows more



The hectic night at FLORIDA TODAY is over. Now, it's a hectic day.

The winds that whipped a tree into Beth's car, above, are whipping up some serious brush fires across Brevard County. More than 2,000 acres have burned in several separate blazes countywide.

Click here and here for photos.

Unfortunately, the authorities won't let nonresidents near the fires, so my aspirations to shoot a blaze or two have fizzled out. Instead, I've resorted to using photos of Beth's unfortunate incident to illustrate the windy conditions.

I live next to brushy area, so I have my fingers crossed and am keeping my eyes out for arsonists.

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Anonymous said...

TV said a while ago there's a fire near the major intersection near your house. You OK?

I think we're running a graphic tomorrow about how to protect a house from wildfire.

Keeping your eyes out might make them quite dry, especially in these conditions. I'd recommend limiting them to just open.