Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Map: In fires' wake, there is rubble of Palm Bay homes

This is 423 Mimosa St. SW. The home was valued at $160,000. At many of these homes, there were advertisements of some sort - such as business cards and a large banner in this photo - for housing contractors and fire insurance.

The metro staff at FLORIDA TODAY got a list of 33 homes that were destroyed in the wildfires last week. I got a copy and photographed each one home. I also updated the map, below. (The blue markers are the destroyed homes.)

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I'm sure there are several that are still missing from the list. Estimates are that 40 single-family houses and two mobile homes were destroyed. I found two others that were not on the list of 33, bringing the total to 35 Palm Bay homes on my map. I've also included two destroyed homes in Malabar. So that's 37 so far.

No matter the specifics, it's sobering to drive around Palm Bay and see so many homes reduced to rubble. At many sites, the most recognizable remaining feature was the utility room, where a washer, dryer and sometimes a water heater were more prominent than the rest of the flattened home.

I've included shots of some of them in this post. For the others, again, go to the map.

This flier at 213 Gaspar St. SW, where a home valued at $180,000 burned, is from builder Stanley Homes.

This home at 1072 Westport St. SE, which was valued at $160,000, has a lot of outdoor equipment in the front yard, such as a grill and a canoe.

A bike burned at 1484 Summer St. SE, where a $130,000 home was destroyed.

Horse ornaments also burned at 1484 Summer, but they're still recognizable. It's amazing how certain things survive.

A Jeep was destroyed at 1726 Gould Ave. SW, where there was a $180,000 house. The $180,000 home next door at 1728 Gould also was ruined.

A Red Cross business card was taped to the fence in front of a former $160,000 home at 3015 Flagstaff Ave. SE.

A toolbox rests in front of the rubble at 3196 Wessel Ave. SE, where a $200,000 home burned.

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