Sunday, February 12, 2012


Mobile office.

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Car plows into water; witnesses watch as man stabs passenger, police use deadly force, sheriff's officials say

Shots fired on Merritt Island, suspect taken|video||umbrella

Morning inferno: Three homes destroyed, none hurt in Nunan Street blaze

Repo man just doing his job when gunfire rang out in North Charleston

After Newtown, residents of Greenwood, killer’s mother relive school shooting

Murder in the forest: A search for answers in the deaths of June Guerry and Dana Woods

North Charleston police, residents clash over crime-prevention tactics

Goose Creek apartment fire ‘like a nightmare’ for those affected

Parkour on the bridge

Father, son went inside just before man was slain in North Charleston

Ridgeville killing ‘doesn’t make sense,’ family members say

Plane crash

Strip club raid

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