Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Offlede is back, with an article

Cold weather
It got down to 20 degrees one night in Charleston. I covered the story, taking pics of any natural ice formations I saw. These droplets froze to blades of grass along the water in downtown Charleston.

Somehow, the domain name for this blog since its inception,, expired without my knowledge, and my attempts to get it back have failed.

A few weeks ago, my mother was the first to inform me that the page was blank when she logged on. A few days after that, a new blog was occupying its space. This new "The Offlede" is all about gambling, and I don't really understand it.

I've placed bids on, the site's host, to swipe it back. But with $10, I purchased a "the" and got for the meantime.

Now, back to business.

These are some miscellaneous photos from my first few weeks in Charleston.

Louise Drive standoff
After a lengthy standoff in North Charleston, this kidnapping suspect walked out while talking on the phone. He was otherwise unarmed.

Louise Drive standoff
The standoff was rather ordinary until SWAT officers bound the suspect's hands and feet, and carried him off like a wooden plank.

Nunan Street fire
This large fire during my first week on the job burned three houses and damaged a few others in downtown Charleston, very close to the offices of The Post and Courier.

Nunan Street fire
I enjoyed capturing the sun's starburst effect as it gleamed through this man's house, which was destroyed in the fire. Some kid set the blaze. The key to achieving this effect is a closed aperture.

This was the foggy scene above the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge after I took my daily jog over it one evening.

Quality disclaimer: The rest of these photos were snapped with my iPhone...

I take a 5.5-mile route over this bridge most every day of the week. It's almost as though Charleston has a hill.

The underside of the bridge, looking over Charleston Harbor.

One of the few days I actually ran over the bridge during the daylight hours.

Brunch one Sunday at Poogan's Porch: fried pork over collards in the foreground and in the background, an open-face omelet with oysters and bacon.

The sunset over the bridge one evening.

My car one weekend after I traveled north to see two beautiful girls in Charley West (Charleston, W.V.). First time it has seen snow!

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