Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cloud scuds and a sign of the apocalypse

This scud reached outward in front of the storm. Must have scared the crap out of that bird.

Last week was extremely wet on the Space Coast. But while we had lots of rain, little of it was in the form of thunderstorms. The system on June 30 was an exception.

The rain moved in from the southwest as a horseshoe-shaped storm. And if God threw a ringer with it, I was the stake: Rain was coming in from three sides.

I followed the storm from the mainland over Pineda Causeway to the beach at Patrick Air Force Base, where someone had reported that a waterspout was forming. That turned out to be bogus: There were some incredibly low-hanging scuds, but there was no rotation.

The north part of the storm was unimpressive.

Looking south, I saw more structure.

Looking over the Indian River, the thunderstorm's leading edge.

After taking this photo, I told these children that they might be in the newspaper. They were quite excited. But the photo wasn't used. I'm sure they were disappointed.

When the rain started spreading over the ocean, a giant swarm of dragonflies flew overhead as they fled from the storm. Freaky. I was so amazed by it that I didn't take a photo of it.
This is looking east, and as you can see, there's lots of rain. But there also was rain to the south and west. It soon clenched in and got me wet.

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