Monday, October 26, 2009

Maine's autumn, Day 3 | Here comes the rain

The rainy, overcast weather began in earnest on the Wednesday of my Maine vacation, and it didn't let up much after that. Without the prospect of good conditions for photography, I relegated my day to driving around town, retracing some of my former stomping grounds in Baileyville, the town next to my hometown where I went to high school. Along the St. Croix River, which forms Maine's southeastern border with New Brunswick, Canada, I stopped to shoot a light fog lifting off the water. This location is just below the Domtar paper mill, a large employer in Washington County, so the water is quite filthy.

Despite the foliage level being considered "low" on this day, some of the marshy areas or shorelines were more brilliant than drier forests. If it weren't for the dreary sky, the colorful foliage would have been brighter.

What's better on a depressing day than an old home as a reminder of the poverty that tends to beset much of Washington County, especially during this recession? Some stores and restaurants in Princeton, my hometown, and in Baileyville have been forced out of commission, too.

Driving around the school I attended for four fun years, Woodland High School (I mostly just miss playing sports), I stopped on the bridge across this small stream that runs near the campus. It was raining when this was taken, so my camera was wrapped in plastic.

I headed back home and shot the welcome sign on the southern end of Princeton, a town of about 850 people, one of the larger ones in the area.

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