Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video | The fastest space shuttle launch you'll ever see

Click on the "HD" button in the right corner (so it's red) to watch in high definition.

The weather inhibited my photography of space shuttle Endeavour's liftoff on July 15, with thick cloud cover and haze muddying the view from just north of Melbourne. While I drove away to get a better angle on the launch for still photos, I left my video camera on my employer's property. It recorded footage for a period before and after the launch at Kennedy Space Center, about 30 miles to the north, and I increased the speed during the editing process in Apple's Final Cut Express.

Like I said the day after the launch, the sight was a "lame" one. And the video is equally deficient of excitement, but trust me, it would be worse if it were at normal speed.

Up next: Endeavour is scheduled to land Friday at Kennedy Space Center, and I plan to watch from across the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville. It will be the first landing for which I'll have a telephoto lens, so I'll shoot for some still images.

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