Friday, July 24, 2009

Brevard County's lone Five Guys location now qualifies as fast food

I snapped a shot with my cell phone as the workers assembled burgers, all in plain view of their customers.

I've been meaning to update this for some time. All the posts about stormy weather must have gotten in the way. But with the drier air this week in Central Florida, it's high time.

Five Guys, the burger joint that I shamelessly promoted after its West Melbourne opening in March, finally qualifies as fast food. When I first visited Brevard County's first location, the wait for my bacon cheeseburger was nearly 20 minutes. Nevertheless, my recommendation led dozens of my co-workers to eat there, and for that, I still think Five Guys owes me something. Free food for a year, maybe?

For my most recent visit, I stood at the counter for no more than five minutes before my burger and fries were slid over to me in a grease-soaked paper bag, a trademark of the franchise.

So, if you live on the Space Coast and haven't check it out, please do. If you don't live around here, there's a good chance a Five Guys is already near you or is coming sometime soon, especially on account of its aggressive expansion.

Long wait or not, a trip to Five Guys is never a waste of time.

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