Thursday, August 21, 2008

In Maine: Clear skies make moon more spectacular

Shot with the Nikon on a tripod, of course, with only a 0.05-second exposure.

Living close to Cape Canaveral can make anyone appreciate space. The launches of shuttles and rockets truly are sights to behold.

But for me, nothing is more spectacular than clear skies and no artificial light to block my view of the heavens.

I just jumped outside a few minutes ago to shoot the orange-tinged moon over Grand Falls Flowage, the body of water that borders my parents' property on three sides (yes, it's a peninsula on the lake).

Some day, folks will lift off on a Constellation mission, and we'll soon be roving through the craters of the lunar surface once again.

But for now, it's great to gaze at the moon's beauty from afar - and from Maine.

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