Saturday, June 21, 2008

D.C. college to hire copy writer/editor/security guard

The Craigslist page dares fools to apply.

I don't use "OMG" lightly, but this is just one of those occasions when it's appropriate.


Just after bashing The Associated Press for suggesting that my six years of journalism education qualified me to be a security guard, I noticed that a college in Washington was offering a two-in-one position for a copy writer who simultaneously acts as a security guard.

The position was advertised on Craigslist, and the lucky candidate who scores it will be paid $18 an hour. This was the actual Craigslist page. But it has expired, so go here instead; I saved it to an Offlede page.

I had previously reported - incorrectly - that the employer was American University. But because AU is not a "for-profit college," as the advertisement said, I now know it was not the beloved institution that granted me a master's degree. (Phew.) A reader alerted me to the fact that I had misread and not read certain parts of the advertisement - quite important parts, too.

But either way ... O-M-G.

Here are the highlights:
"You will ... be responsible for writing, editing and proofreading a wide range of print and online materials including content for our web site, emails to students, and other marketing materials.
The twist: while you are writing copy you will also fill the role of security guard, working 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. ... The security guard spends most of the shift seated at the reception desk, and there will be very minimal security duties. Practically the entire shift you will be able to focus on writing copy – you’ll just happen to be wearing a uniform."

Do I need a degree for this? The qualifications:
"The ideal candidate will bring a BA or BS Degree in Journalism, Communications, English or other Liberal Arts degrees. Candidates who are currently working on such a degree will be considered."
I must have been onto something when I wrote that the skills of a copy editor translate well into the security field. When journalism dies, I have a future - as a part-time security guard.

Blogger's note: My error occurred when I thought the "American University" part of the heading was the employer and "Tenleytown" was the closest Metro stop. I'm used to calling the Metro stop just "Tenleytown," not "American University/Tenleytown," which is its real name. So "American University/Tenleytown" only had to do with the location, not the employer.

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Anonymous said...

The location on Craig's list is defined as American University/Tenleytown--the same as the metro stop, not necessarily AU the college. Also, the ad refers to a for-profit college; AU is a nonprofit institution.