Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pic of the Day:
Cuddles, happy thoughts will get us through '08

Cuddles, a Yorkshire terrier from Orlando, helped me usher in 2008, in a roundabout way.

With a daunting year of unknowns ahead, just her name was a comfort. But names (and looks) can be deceiving.

In the waning hours of 2007, Cuddles bounced around the living room of a friend's aunt and uncle,
Subira and Rajeev Sood. When I extended my hand to pet Cuddles, she often would chomp down onto my fingers. A nasty bite came in a small, cute package.

In the morning, however, the first few hours of 2008, Cuddles somehow broke into my guest bedroom, jumped into the bed and snuggled up next to me.

A new year can be daunting. New bills. New
sicknesses. New co-workers. Same old relatives. But just remember, comfort always can be found in something soft and fluffy.

Yes, Cuddles bit me several times. But none of it was very painful. The bites were mostly harmless and playful. It's just nice to know that to all the painful things, there's always something soft and fluffy to offer comfort.

So, in 2008, remember to look on the bright, and fluffy, side.

Happy new year.

Coming up, I'll blog about my experience on New Year's Eve.

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Wordnerdy said...

I doubt Teddy will ever bite.