Monday, January 27, 2014

A fake snow day just days before a possible real snow day

Winterfest 2014 gave us a chance to experience some snowfall. It was manufactured, of course. Supposedly, 50 tons of the white stuff were pumped onto the grounds of Patriots Point along Charleston Harbor in Mount Pleasant.

Julia first enjoyed tossing snowballs at Carrie and me in a freestyle play area. With temperatures above 50 degrees, though, the snow turned quickly into slush.

Julia got her fill of playtime -- here, she's pegging her mother with a snowball -- before the workers made everyone clear out so they could refill the area.

Two fake hills consisting of hydraulic lifts on the back of two large trailers gave Julia a chance to go sledding -- something she hadn't done in a few years. Of course, we waited in line much longer than the two seconds it took for her to slide from the top to the bottom.

Ironically, after we attended this event Saturday, we got a clearer picture of the forecast for the coming week. A winter storm watch is in effect, and we could see a few inches of ice or snow here in Charleston on Wednesday morning. Winter 2007 was the last time I saw snow accumulate in a place I call home.

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