Monday, August 13, 2012

A quickie storm replaced by crepuscular rays

This was the view July 10 as I went for my run up the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. This panorama made from seven separate iPhone photos shows the bridge in front of me, the ramp behind me (to the right) and the impending storm above.
The thunderstorm that was labeled severe at one point came from the north in this view from the top of The Post and Courier building.
The storm approaches downtown Charleston.
Rain was illuminated by sunlight.
As I made my way up the bridge, I felt some light rain, but there was a hole in the clouds.
Sunlight nicely punched through the clouds on either side of the bridge.
More crepuscular rays during the last leg of my run.
And the blue sky took over.

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Unknown said...

I enjoy the beautiful photo, but take issue with the title of this post. Until recently I would have agreed that "dawn" was indeed the time pictured here, but in fact dawn is when the sky first starts lighting up *before* sunrise. Those beautiful crepuscular rays appear to be coming from a sun which is already well above the horizon, so it is long past dawn. If you have been interested just click