Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in action with a mild lightning storm

In my first photo excursion with my new old camera equipment, I went to the shore of Charleston Harbor and watched a storm move through. I used a small tripod (since my heavy-duty one remains missing), so it shook in the wind.

The storm was severe and impressive at one point. The National Weather Service issued a warning well ahead of the system. Seen above, a Coast Guard boat scrambles as dark clouds approach.

A gust front moved over the Ravenel Bridge, but the storm split apart. It remained strong to the east and west. But in the middle, where I was, hardly anything was brewing.

With dark clouds overhead, a sailing vessel makes its way toward the dock.

The boat, under power of a motor, docked near my location at the South Carolina Aquarium.

Lightning illuminated the sky, but the bolts were mainly confined to the east and west. Occasionally, one would crawl through the clouds over me, but I caught nothing impressive on camera.

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Unknown said...

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