Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy July 3, a month late

A month after the fact, I've decided to share my photos of a July 3 fireworks show at Cocoa Beach. This is when the display started, when clouds were still visible in the background.

This is my favorite shot from the night.

The show was at Shepard Park, a popular beach near the "world famous" Ron Jon Surf Shop.

The beach was fairly crowded. Many people had been setting off their own fireworks before the professional display. Which is, of course, illegal in Florida -- unless those fireworks were being used for "agricultural" purposes.

My camera was on a tripod, and most of the exposures I took were about 2 seconds long.

Because of dry conditions, a ban against fireworks had been in place a week before Independence Day. But with these barges far out into the Atlantic Ocean, I doubt wildfires were a concern.

After this photo, I spent the next hour trying to get out of Cocoa Beach. Traffic was horrific.

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