Friday, July 30, 2010

My Harley, my iPhone and the full moon

The Harley-Davidson and I ventured out for a moonlight ride Sunday evening, leaving the sissy bar and its cargo capabilities behind. I toured most of Brevard County, which didn't take long because I was averaging 90 mph. But I felt naked without my camera, a condition I regretted when the sun went down and I was equipped only with a cell phone camera. As our star dipped below the western horizon, our satellite rose in the east. Two phenomenons collided, though, as anticrepuscular rays (sunlight that appears to be emanating from the eastern sky at sunset) seemed to be shining from the full moon.

My mode of transportation is pictured along Pineapple Avenue in northern Melbourne, a roadway that parallels the Indian River.

Night exposures with an iPhone aren't easy -- and aren't that pretty either. This was one of about 10 shots I took of a stand of sea oats as they blew in the breeze along Cocoa Beach. It's so grainy that it almost looks like a bad painting.

Another of the moon near the Eau Gallie Causeway in Melbourne. And to address the reason why I haven't been taking thunderstorm photos this summer, read this.

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