Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disjointed lightning

Some parts of Central Florida received a nonstop barrage of lightning and rain Sunday as a cold front swept over the state. Here in my neck of the Space Coast, though, it came after I went to bed. It didn't quite jolt me out of a slumber, but I made myself walk onto the front deck with a tripod to try a few exposures. The above shot shows a close strike. The interesting part of this photo is that the bolt's midsection is missing. It could be traveling through a dense cloud (it also was raining hard at the time) and, therefore, shrouded from view. But, really, it appears as though it's simply not there.

Earlier in the night, some wind-torn clouds moved over the Pineda Causeway. The conditions were gusty and a little drizzly but free of electricity.

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