Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Florida Keys Day 5, Part 1 | Beginning of a slow ride to nowhere

What's a road trip without a portrait of your wheels? I took this after stopping along U.S. 1 on Duck Key. At this point, I rummaged through my camera bag for the remote control to my camera and came up empty. After searching my entire car, I determined that I had somehow left the thumb-size remote at the motel about 20 minutes to the south. I was considering a drive home on that Monday, but it wasn't starting out the way I wanted it to.

With the help of a nice motel manager, I found my remote and was northbound again. But as I expected, the traffic was bumper to bumper because of all the Labor Day weekenders from South Florida who were heading home. From my crawling vehicle, I snapped a shot of this bunny ear-shaped storm.

Stopping around Layton to admire the storm more, I jumped into the Gulf of Mexico - fully clothed - to get a shot of a buoy with the clouds in the background. The thunderstorm was moving quickly, so I didn't have another option if I wanted to capture the scene I had in mind. But the shot did not pan out. This one was taken from the dryness of the sandy shore.

Late in the day, as I was pretty much out of the Florida Keys after traveling about 50 miles in four hours, I decided to turn around because I thought the day had been wasted in the blistering heat of my Chevrolet (I do not use air conditioning when I'm out taking photos because the rapid change from cool to warm air causes condensation on the equipment). I took this shot showing the line of vehicles in the northbound traffic lane I had been in.

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