Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photos | Lightning and rain all while the sun shines brightly

Most every day of this week has brought an entirely different type of thunderstorm than we've seen most of the summer in Brevard County. None of them got very close to my location in Melbourne, but the area was rained on frequently while the sun shined around the storms. Above, the sun pours over the edge of one cloud deck Tuesday as a stronger, higher storm forms in the distance.

On Tuesday, the clouds to the north moved southward, with two parallel stacks reaching upward.

This shot is upside down because, well, that's how I took it Tuesday, by leaning back and pointing the camera straight up.

On Wednesday, this storm edge produced frequent lightning that shot across the blue sky and struck nearby. I had never seen so many consecutive "bolts from the blue," probably the most dangerous lightning because of its unexpectedness. The bolts weren't nearly as brilliant as you would see underneath dark storm clouds: The sun significantly reduced their brightness.

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