Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photos | Weakening thunderstorm moves over the Atlantic

As a thunderstorm, which had brought funnel clouds earlier to Central Florida, moves offshore, a woman tests the surf at the beach near Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard County.

As the shelf cloud moves southeast, beachgoers scurry out of the water in anticipation of a severe thunderstorm. The shelf was more organized near Daytona Beach, where some Flickr users snapped some cool shots.

People pack up their coolers as the skies threatened to open up and as the strong wind whipped sand into their eyes. After these people made off, I was the sole person left on the beach, except for a few people on the boardwalk.

vertical_front_0050There were some quite low-hanging clouds associated with this storm. There was little lightning, however.

The turbulent underside of the thunderstorm had some definite movement, but I didn't see rotation. I was hoping for a waterspout.

surf_0068Waves crashed the shoreline, as I tried my best to avoid from getting my Nikes wet. I didn't waste the time to take them off after my speedy trip from the mainland during a break from work.

The surf was really getting kicked up as it poured offshore.

sandals_0101Some people left in such a hurry that they seemed to have forgotten their sandals.

Everyone on the beach stayed dry. There were only a few sprinkles.

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