Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A taste of home: Making whoopies - well, not quite

Moist, beautiful and sumptuous.

OK. OK. I didn't exactly bake these. But they are homemade.

I received three whoopie pies in a shoebox just days after they left the kitchen in Maine where they were born.

It was the person who gave birth to me who sent them, unprompted, after I asked her for the recipe last week, when I made this post about a New York Times story on whoopie pies.

These are the peanut butter variety, and the recipe is based on the one in The Yummy Book, a cookbook that features Marshmallow Fluff as its star ingredient. You can download it here.

It was the first time in years that I tasted a whoopie pie. It was as sweet and sticky as a candy cane. And even better than I remember.

Link: A friend shared this site, where you can order whoopie pies directly from Maine at $24 a dozen. That's much cheaper (and more original) than the ones from Williams-Sonoma. Still, I suggest you make them yourself. Either way, you must join the whoopie pie movement.


Anonymous said...

What a nice mama you have!
But I'm still thinking oatmeal cream pie...

Andrew Knapp said...

You're obviously blind, Carrie.