Saturday, October 25, 2008

San Fran Day 5 | After high-flying vacation, photos to match

The only good thing about leaving San Francisco was the same good thing about touring San Francisco: the views. As my United Airlines plane lifted over the city, I did the rebel thing and turned on my point-and-shoot Canon, despite the call to "turn all electronics to the off position during takeoff." This first view was over the Twin Peaks looking toward the downtown.

The one-hour trip from Napa Valley to the airport took two hours because of the congestion on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, seen here with a great view of downtown San Francisco.

And one last look at the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay before heading back east.


The plan flew over the rust-red terrain and snaking rivers of the West. I'm not sure where this is because the pilot wasn't very helpful in letting his passengers know.


A pronounced ridge of mountains with a glimpse of the moon above the wing.


Getting into the more consistently mountainous region.

Getting some snow already here.

Lots of white stuff covering the mountains.

And the sun sets on my vacation in San Francisco and Napa Valley.

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