Saturday, February 16, 2008

Offlede introduces new format for the sake of photos ... and you


After hours of tweaking throughout the morning hours after work, I've finally adjusted The Offlede to a new and improved wide format. It's meant to showcase photos, such as the one above, a bit more.

Unfortunately, because Blogger has its drawbacks, I'm now using an outside photo server, Flickr, to bring to you larger images. That basically means that you can't click on any photos to get high-resolution images. But that's good for me: It prevents people from ripping off my work.

A bit about that photo above. It was taken during the National Cherry Blossom Festival last year in Washington, D.C. This particular event was part of the Kite Festival. There was a machine spitting out bubbles on the National Mall. The children were quite enthralled.

I'm not sure about the black background. What do you think?

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Wordnerdy said...

I like the black background. Color backgrounds seem to be popping up all over the place and, especially when looking at greys and creams all night, are easy on the eyes -- not so bright, you know? Now if only we could get rid of white completely, including the post page ...